5 running-based Instagram accounts you should follow

Are you a #instarunner?! If you are you´ll be able to relate to this article, and if you don´t know what that means then don´t worry... you will be going for an #instarun by the time you finish reading this.  

Instagram is one of the leading platforms through which runners connect. It is more than just a place to share photos of running, it is a place where people provide insights into their training, offer advice, discover new products and training gear, and get inspired. 

There are a huge number of individuals, groups, and companies who have running-centred accounts on Instagram, but here are 5 of my favourites:

1. @instarunners

There are many accounts that re-post pictures from other people, but as far as I know instarunners is the biggest. As they have so many people using their # they have a great range of running photos to choose from.


2. @runnersbe

Not all runners take themselves too seriously... but @runnersbe makes fun of the way runners view the world, and uses the generalised runners´ attitude to create posts with humorous effect. Although not always laugh out loud funny, as a runner you will often see a post and think, "huh yep, that´s right".


3. @runwithtara

I want to go trail running with @runwithtara. Her running photos are incredible and make me want to visit the Utah mountains, they look seriously stunning.


4. @runningrevolution17

No matter how pessimistic you are, everyone should follow at least one Instagram account that provides quotes and motivation related to running. I follow @runningrevolution17, who provide a mix of serious and funny quotes and pictures.


5. @salomonrunning

There are an infinite number of brands you can  follow on Instagram but one of my favourites is @salomonrunning. This is despite the fact that I don´t actually own any Salomon running gear. They have some really high quality photography from beautiful landscapes around the world. 


Of course the list could go on, but I said my 5 favourites so I´ll stop there. On my Instagram account, @runwithmestockholm, I follow well over a thousand different people, most of which are dedicated to running. I share pictures from running in Stockholm, as well as my travel running adventures when I head overseas (see below).

Have you got any tips on other Instagram accounts I should follow? Let me know in the comments below :)