The seven urban summits: best places for hill running in Stockholm

Want to know the best places for hill running around Stockholm? Check out the 7 Urban Summits, which was a one day challenge developed by some crew at Addnature. If you are feeling like a long run (and a bit crazy), it´s approximately 45 miles (72 kms) heading clockwise from Bruket to Ekebyhovsbacken! Seriously, some people have actually run this. A good alternative might be to ride between and run the peaks, or just to go run some hills at any one of these locations.

Many of these places are ski runs in the winter, so be sure to check the conditions before you head out! So far I have only run Hammarbybacken,  Hagatoppen and Flottsbro, but I plan to try the one-day challenge this summer. Read on for more information and pictures from each of the summits. Part two of this blog will come when I do the challenge in the summer, most probably as a mix bike/run...

Photo/map credit: Addnature

1. Hammarbybacken

Hammarbybacken is probably the best known place for hill running in Stockholm, this and Hagatoppen are the most central of the seven summits. Hammarbybacken is a man-made hill, built on top of a former rubbish tip. Don´t let this put you off though, it has brilliant views back over Stockholm and is well worth the effort. Closest (tram) station: sickla kaj.

Hill running at Hammarbybacken


Located within Hagaparken, this is another great option for hill running in central Stockholm and can easily be combined with a run around Hagaparken. Hagaparken contains a beautiful lake, and also Haga palace, home to the Crown Princess Victoria. Although a little further from the city, Hagatoppen also has a nice view on a clear day. Closest train station: solna.

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3. Väsjöbacken

A nice little ski hill in the winter and a challenging hill run the rest of the year. It is located in Sollentuna, in the North of Stockholm. At the top you have a great view down over the lake Väsjön. If you are not riding or running there, then the closest pendaltåg station is Häggvik.


4. Bruket

The northern most hill of the 7 summits, this is bruketsbacke, located out in Viksjö. Nearby to Görvälns slott, a 18th century castle and hotel and close by to the waters of lake Mälaren. The closest station is Jakobsberg (on the pendeltåg).

Bruckets backe / bruket summit

5. Ekebyhovsbacken

Another small ski run in the winter, Ekeby is located to the south west of central Stockholm. There is also Ekebyhov Castle close by. If you are just travelling here, the closest bus station is Ekerö Ekebyhovsbacken.  

Enkero summit, west of Stockholm

6. Flottsbro

This is a beautiful spot in the south of Stockholm overlooking a lake. There is a bus station at Flottsbro, it is around an hour from central station by public transport. Perhaps a good spot to stop for a swim if you decide to take the challenge..

Flottsbro hill in south Stockholm

7. Högdalstoppen

Finishing off with what could be described as a pretty aesthetically displeasing industrial area, we have högdalstoppen. It is 72 metres tall, and has views of Stockholm (albeit from afar). The closest T-Bana is Högdalen.

Have you completed the 7 Urban Summits challenge? Or plan to do it? We´d love to hear from you!