Race Review: Strömmingsloppet 2016

On Saturday was the Strömmingsloppet (Herring Run) out on Vaxholm Island in the Stockholm Archipelago. A group of us from the Run With Me Stockholm community group went out there together to participate. I put together a short video (see below) to capture what was an awesome day!

We started the day with a ferry trip from Stockholm out to Vaxholm. It was perfect spring weather with full sunshine which made for a very enjoyable trip. Once we got there we found our way to the registration area, registered and then changed. We had enough time for a short jog before we found ourselves involved in a park yoga session. Just before the race we did a dance warm up to some 90s style rave music. I love it how people get really into these warm ups in Sweden, perhaps more so this one as we´re warming up for Eurovision next week.

The race itself was great, starting off through the town and passing by the historic castle at Vaxholm. The route was fairly well marked, with volunteers waving flags to help you find your way. The first 5 kms of the 10 km race was through the streets and along paved roads. The most challenging section was between 5-8 km, which was up and down trail running, and there was even a section where you had to climb a flight of stairs. Although tough, the trail section was the most beautiful, with most of the run along the water or through thick sections of forest. The last 2 kms were run back through the town and the race finished in the park again, with a small but friendly crowd to cheer you home.

The RWMS group had several people who run their 10 km personal bests, but it was more about the fun of the trip out to Vaxholm, the company, and the nice community atmosphere of the event that made the Strömmingsloppet so enjoyable. Like any running race, one of the best parts is the after run lunch and beer, and Vaxholm didn´t disappoint.

The Strömmingsloppet is a great race, one I would definitely recommend, and one I would love to run again next year.