Yoga Tour

Hey there!

It has been a little while :) I have not written a blog post since returning from India in January and there is only one reason for that, I have been very very busy. Let me quickly list a few things that have been going on in the last two months before I dive into the main reason for this blog post, the launch of our Yoga Tour in Stockholm!

1.     Hired and trained new guides for running tours and games leaders for the 100 Point Challenge (welcome Max, Sebastian, Anna and Emma!)

2.     Studying Swedish twice per week at Folk Universitetet (bra jobbet)

3.     Consulting to Novartis 20 hours per week

4.     Co-organising the Rottnest SwimRun, the first ever SwimRun race in Western Australia (I am writing this in Dubai on the way to Australia)

5.     Prepared two new running tour routes in Stockholm for this year (the Södermalm tour and Hellasgården trail tour)

6.     Helping set up a new Run With Me city, Run With Me Melbourne (more on that in a separate post once we have launched …)

7.     Meeting with potential new international city Run With Me leaders (very close to another exciting announcement)

8. Training for Stockholm marathon – marathon #4 is going to be a different style of race for me

9. Ongoing management of, and participation in, our community running group in Stockholm

10. Setting up and launching a Yoga Tour in Stockholm

Yoga Tour

I received an email from Mo, now co-founder at Best of You, last year in the autumn. She had returned to Stockholm from a period abroad and set up a new yoga practice with a friend. They were interested in working with Run With Me, and our initial discussion was around combining yoga with running for our community group. When we sat down for coffee and started brainstorming, I shared an idea to use her skills as a yoga instructor in another way, for Yoga Tours!

I had been thinking about this idea for a while, thinking that it would be interesting to try and combine yoga and tourism in a different way, as we do with our running tours. Could we find a way to provide tourists (and locals) who are interested in yoga with some sort of integrated city and yoga experience? Fast forward 6 months and we have just launched our Yoga Tour, which we will be running throughout spring and summer.

Yoga with a view

So how do they work?

Our Yoga Tour is split into three parts, which we integrate across a one and a half hour period. We provide the yoga mats, so that all you need to do is show up!

Part 1: Walking Tour

We meet in the old town (Gamla Stan), where we begin the tour. We’ll take a brisk thirty-minute walk through the old town as a warm up for yoga, and while we’re at it, explain to you some interesting things about Stockholm and Sweden’s culture and history.

Narrowest street in Stockholm

Part 2: Yoga

The yoga class is approximately 45 minutes and is conducted at a beautiful outdoor location with views of lake Mälaren and the city hall. We cater for different levels, from beginner to advanced, through our flexible yoga practice. You’ll simultaneously go through a series of posers, while you enjoy the opportunity to appreciate Stockholm in all its beauty.

A beautiful spot in the city to practice yoga

Part 3: Fika

We finish off a great morning yoga session by having “fika” together. Fika is a Swedish term that is a little bit difficult to translate directly to English, but usually means to have a coffee/tea and something sweet to eat, and it’s a social thing. We have a modern (and healthy) take on our fika thanks to Gabriel at Vivo Sthlm, with a juice or smoothie and raw ball or brownie, which are all organic and vegan friendly.

Photo credit: Vivo Sthlm

Photo credit: Vivo Sthlm

So that’s the Yoga Tour! What do you think? Sounds like fun? Book now and tell your yoga friends! The tour is available every Saturday morning 9:30-11:00 am starting April 22nd.

Happy running (and yoga ing),