What is the 100 Point Challenge?

---------------------------------- This blog article was updated 17-09-2016 ---------------------------------

When I first wrote this article in May this year it was titled "What is Hundrapöngsjakten". Since then, aside from changing the name of the game to English, quite a lot has changed.

We ran the game several times throughout the spring and summer before figuring out a format the works well. One of the most significant changes was removing the use of camera phones and replacing them with Fujifilm Instax cameras. But before I go into the other things we changed, at this point you might still be wondering what the 100 Point Challenge is...

I think this review we received on TripAdvisor recently sums it up pretty well:

"Kind of like a self guided tour, but with adrenaline, competition and problem solving! Well organised with separate challenges to suit tourists, expats as well as locals! Have some brain food for breakfast and put on your walking shoes, I highly recommend this for anyone who would like to explore Stockholm, engage in a little history but avoid a typical guided tour." 

100 Point Challenge

We like to describe it is the Amazing race meets the pub quiz night, it is team game and a competition that involves exploring Stockholm while having fun. It is creative and educational. The game involves solving questions and challenges, with the highest possible score being 100 points. 

Masqerade challenge

The number of points depends on both the level of difficulty of the question, and the distance you need to travel to reach the place of interest. Teams are given a maximum of 2 hours to collect as many points as possible. All materials, including cameras, are provided on the day.

Novartis competing in the 100 Point Challenge

One of the other changes we made was developing multiple versions of the game, and there are now three games for people to choose from:

  1. Astrid's Adventure (for people with no knowledge of Stockholm)
  2. Björn's Battle (for those with a little knowledge)
  3. Gustav's Glory (for those who want the ultimate test!)

For more information and bookings see our website here.