How to Navigate Kungsholmen

Kungsholmen is one of the best places to run in Stockholm, with the 9.5 km loop around the outside an inner city favourite. Although slightly difficult to navigate the first time (or two), this route comes highly recommended. Early on you have nice views of Gamla Stan and across Riddarfjärden, you have sections of cliff and trail running, as well as some beautiful paths along the canals of lake mälaren. 

If you start at the City Hall, you need to run all the way along Norr Mälarstrand until you get to rålambshovsparken then turn left. The first part of the run takes you on the south side of Kungsholmen with beautiful views of Riddarfjärden. Along here you will run past one of my favourite lunch and daytime drinking venues in the summer, mälarpaviljongen. 

The view back towards the City Hall (foreground) and the old town (background)

The västerbron bridge in the background, with the deck of mälarpaviljongen visible in the centre 

Once you turn left at rålambshovsparken you will run up a gentle hill on the road and under the västerbron bridge. The next section you pass by kafe kayak and smedsuddsbadet, an inner city "beach". You will also see a small outdoor gym on your right, one of a four you pass on the loop around Kungsholmen. 


The path to smedsuddsbadet

Continue to follow the path along the water, all the way until you reach a trail and then continue up the small hill and underneath the bridge. Once you pass the bridge you will be running along a wooden footpath along the water, as shown below. 

 Wooden path along the cliffs in the the south west corner of Kungsholmen in Fredhäll

You will reach a dead end soon, so follow the trail to your right up the hill. For the next section you need to run by the road, as the path does not continue along the water. You will find yourself up on a road called atterbomsvägen, continue straight. Run along the top of the cliffs all the way around until you reach a small water inlet and you see a large bridge in front of you. At this point you can run back down to the path along the water.

Once you reach this path you have successfully navigated the road running section.

Once you reach this path you have successfully navigated the road running section.

After you run under the bridge you will have another beautiful trail section along the cliffs before you head down the hill, and then down some steps to the waterfront at Kristinebergs strand. This is another great section of the run, and hornsbergs strand shown below is filled with people having BBQs and swimming in the summer.

The waterfron at Hornsbergs strand

The waterfron at Hornsbergs strand

You will pass by another small outdoor gym at the end of horsbergs strand and then continue underneath another bridge and up onto a wooden deck path along the canal (Karlbergssjön). This will lead you up around to Barnhusviken, where you usually see a lot of boats moored. 

The wooden deck along the canal at Karlbergssjön

Boats moored at barnhusviken

For the next section you continue along the canal and alongside a park on your right. You will see a nice water fountain, and then a few minutes later run past another small outdoor gym, the best along this route.

The best outdoor gym on the run around Kungsholmen, just 1 km from the city hall.

After you pass here, it is the final 1 km section before you round the bend and end up back at the city hall. Before you run under the final bridge and round the final bend, you will be able to spot the familiar tower of the city hall up in front of you. At the final turn you will also be able to see the steeple of the Riddarholmen church, Stockholm´s oldest original standing building.

So that is it, using my directions and pictures hopefully you should now be able to navigate the run around Kungsholmen. Well at least in the spring, everything looks totally different in the winter!

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