Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the pace like?

On Group Runs, we find a pace that works for everyone. On a Private Run, it’s your call. You can ask for a particular pace when you book.

Is there somewhere to leave my stuff?

Unfortunately no. So we recommend you bring only the essentials with you. Our guides can carry those for you on your run.

Is there anywhere to change?

No, so please come dressed in your running / yoga clothes.

What happens if it rains?

We run on! The only exception is our Flow With Me yoga tours which we don’t do in the wet. In that case your tour will be scheduled or you will be refunded in full.

Can we start from my hotel/AirBnB?

We’ve carefully planned each of our routes, including the start points, so that you see the very best of the city. If we start from your hotel instead, there’s a fair chance you’ll miss some great sights. Stockholm is a pretty small city and really easy to get around either by foot or public transport, and all the start points are from very accessible city centre metro stations.

Where do we finish?

Each route ends at our starting point.

Where can I buy a t-shirt?

You can add a t-shirt to your basket when you book a tour.

Can I take multiple tours?

Yes, and we offer a 15% discount if you do! Book your first tour and then afterwards you'll be given the option to book a second tour with a 15% deduction.

Which tour is the best?

Each tour is different and has something unique about it! The classic sights is a great introduction to Stockholm and is good if you want to run a shorter distance. Djurgården is a nice longer run and great for the morning, and our Södermalm tour has some of the best viewpoints in Stockholm included, is the toughest route, and is great in the evening.