Top 10 Places To Run in Stockholm

Places_To_Run_In_Stockholm_3 (1).jpg
Places_To_Run_In_Stockholm_3 (1).jpg

Top 10 Places To Run in Stockholm


The Top 10 Places to Run in Stockholm is suitable for reading on mobile/tablet/computer) and provides detailed information on ten of the best running routes in Stockholm. Each running route includes the following subsections:

  • About the run
  • Why run here?
  • Route essentials
    • Distance
    • Difficulty
    • Terrain
    • Starting and finishing point
  • Route highlights
    • Landmarks and points of interest
    • Photos from the route
  • Route map (with link to an online version of map)
  • Directions
    • Main public transport options
    • How to get there from the central train station (T-Centralen)

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