Run With Me began in Stockholm in the summer of 2014. The idea was to connect visitors with local runners so they could get a local experience. The Run With Me idea has since spread to Singapore, Melbourne and Johannesburg, providing international travelers with a unique way in which to see these cities. 

Run With Me Singapore

Run With Me Singapore began in October 2016, offering a regular running tour around Marina Bay.  Run With Me Singapore is also a growing community of local Singaporean runners, with a diverse range of people coming to enjoy morning runs and a chat each week.


Run With Me South Africa

Run With Me South Africa opened in June 2017 and are offering city running tours in Johannesburg, as well as trail running tours in the surrounding wildlife reserves. They have plans to extend to other regions within South Africa soon.


Run With Me Oslo

Coming soon in 2017, Run With Me Oslo will be our first partner city to open in Norway.

Run With Me X

Are you a passionate runner and a local expert? Combine your love for running with your local knowledge in the city where you live. Becoming a Run With Me leader can involve a number of different things, we are more than just a running tours company and are continuing to expand the range of activities and types of services we offer. We are interested in partnering with people who are like-minded, ambitious, and aligned with our vision and brand. If you think leading Run With Me in your city sounds like a fun and exciting opportunity then we would love to talk to you.